Rugby Southland Referees Life Members

Life Membership acknowledges and honours an individual for continuous years of contribution, dedication, loyalty and commitment to Rugby Southland Referees.

1998D. J. Bishop

I. Black

B. Forde

A. Gow

M. McCallum

G. McDonald

J. McIntyre

K. McKinlay

J. McLeish

K. J. Murphy

A. Prattley

M. Puddy

T. Shirley

I. S. Paul
2005M. A. Fox

H. L. Gerken
2006M. R. Jarvis

R. K. Tippen
2007R. A. Russell

B. R. Smith
2008R. J. Russell
2013W. S. Anderson
2017K. W. Brown

M. M. Mannix

B. P. Simmonds
2020B. Roy